Connections we hope our daughter will enjoy.

Our middle daughter was conceived with the help of a donor. Her two siblings were adopted.

We spent so much time and energy connecting with the birth family of our oldest and youngest child since we learned that it was crucial for adopted children to make these connections.

When I proposed to look for our middle daughter's donor and half-siblings, we weren't so sure. Somehow, it didn't seem to be as important at first, but we quickly realized that she has the same need to know.

Coincidentally we know a family who used the same donor, but chooses not to share this with their daughter. We respect their choice, but feel sad, especially since they life in town and share some social circles with us.

I joined this registry and learned that there are 7 siblings listed. I sent emails to all. Within a few days, we heard from some, joined their yahoo group, received welcoming emails, and exchanged pictures. The similarities and differences between the kids are amazing! Later this spring we will meet some families.

Without this site, our daughter would never had the unique opportunity to learn more about herself through her siblings. She's only 2 and may never care to be in touch. But we believe that it is our responsibility to make connections and offer her this tool - ultimately it is for her to chose.

We're glad that we were successful in our search, grateful for Wendy's work, and hope to meet the families soon!