Joey's Smile

We fell in love but couldn't have kids due to his vasectomy... he had already had three kids and wanted one with me but did not want a reversal saga.. we decided on AR and got pregnant right away but told only the closest members of the family and saw no reason to ever tell our son... then, at age ten a friend slipped some info out and we decided to be honest. We checked the banks site and found out he had 30+ siblings registered. We found one on Wendy's site. We contacted her with Wendy's help and she is great! We look forward to meeting her and her family soon. Joey was a little overwhelmed at first about his dad not being his real dad, but when he remembered his grandpa was adopted too he just smiled and said finally I have brothers and sisters! I think it answered a lot of his private questions about not looking much like his older step siblings. But he looked at his baby albums and saw who the real father was since day 1 and he knows who his real dad is. It helped to watch the movie about the donor mom recently on DVD. We have been prepping him for a long time telling him 'lots' of people have to have help getting pregnant. He finally asked did you have to have help?, and that is when we opened the dialog and answered his questions.Age 10 seems like a good age to tell if you wait much longer I think we would have been into the turbulent teens and had authority issues. I thank our donor from the bottom of my heart and am content whether he contacts Joey or not. Joey is curious, but already is off in a million other directions with sports, life and church. Thank you Wendy!