Content but Curious...

My partner and I have two beautiful daughters from an anonymous donor. While we are very content with our family we have always wanted our daughters to have the option of exploring their biological siblings/donor; plus we are so curious about traits, behaviors, and medical issues of other half-siblings out there.

Thanks to Oprah, we were reminded about the DSR website. Within days of posting we were connected with two half-siblings of our daughters...and now we know of more. It has been amazing comparing notes on the kids. We are now meeting one half-sibling for the first time. We are thankful that our daughters have this resource available to them for the day when we have 'the talk'.

This is a wonderful service that brings together a community of people that often feel stigmatized or outside of 'mainstream' America. Individuals can control their anonymity and can pursue whatever level of involvement they choose and do so comfortably. It also provides people an avenue to answer and explore all those questions about the who' and 'what' that are associated with anonymous donors.