A brother for Sean

After seeing a 2008 episode of Oprah we decided to go to the donor sibling registry website and see if our donor was listed. To our surprise the donor we used to have our son was listed. We contacted via email the other mother and quickly began communicating. Shortly after our initial email we began sharing pictures. This weekend (8/15/08) we are going to meet. This is a very emotional situation. We would have never thought in a million years we would have the opportunity to meet a sibling of our sons. Our son is 6 and is very excited and emotional about this. In his words the day we told him " this is the happiest day of my life". We do wish that someday we can also thank the donor via this website. Thanks to Wendy, her son and Oprah!!!

On August 16 Sean got to meet his brother. They were connected at the hip as soon as they met. They hugged many times and held hands while walking through the parking lot. What a great experience. Thanks to this website and Oprah we are able to share a part of Sean with him that we never thought we would.. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!