Blessed Miracles

We were at a gathering 3 months ago and got to talking with a woman with a 3 month old little girl,we asked her if she went to a fertility center,she said yes and we realized it was the same one we used.We asked her what # she used and it was the same as ours.We couldnt believe the miracle we were experiencing.Our son had a baby sister.They sure do look alike.We will raise them as brother and sister,considering they are both only children.We felt so incredibly blessed to have this random meeting.Then 2 weeks ago we entered this web site and our donor had posted his #.We since then have e-mailed him and sent him pictures of our son and his sister.We feel so blessed to have contacted the donor, and our son has a sister.It's more then we could of ever hoped for.Miracles do happen when you least expect them.