Yay in Canada

My mother told me of this website, and after looking around on it, I decided to join..not expecting much.

In the first week, I sent 5 msgs to all the other donor recipients registered. One month went by and I had not heard from one of them. So, persistent, I sent them all msgs again. There must have been some technical problem the first time as within 24 hours I have heard from 3 of them.

I have seen photographs of two half brothers and a half sister of my little boy!! And I swear, they look so much alike!

This could not have come at a better time for my son. His father and I went to the clinic together in order to conceive but in the last two months, we have split up. His daddy is now saying he does not want any contact with him and did not want him in the first place...its heart breaking.

These new contacts I have made, are a bright spot in our difficult time right now.

I dont know where this will go, but I am certainly open to anything. Perhaps one day we will all meet and our children will play. I really am happy for him.

A happy Canadian mom