Met my biological father! And found a half-brother.

I got the results back from Paternity Experts via email. I couldn't bring myself to open it for fear of what it would say. It took me about half an hour to get the guts to finally do it. I basically had to go through the two different scenarios of 'what if it's positive' and 'what if it's negative' in my head. So I opened it up and it turned out to be positive with 99.9997% probability! I pretty much expected that because of the strong resemblance in all the photos. So it was quite a rush to have that confirmed. But then something funny happened. I started to feel really sad. I guess it was because now that it was confirmed, I felt like there was this whole other life and family network that I was never involved in even though I am genetically part of the family. So I didn't really know what to do. They emailed the results to both Donald and I, so I knew that he knew already. I figured I would just wait a day or so before emailing him. I was actually hoping he would email me.

So the next day I was still feeling bad, and then my phone rang. It was Donald! He said that he happened to be in Southern California visiting another child that he had just found out about the day before. He said he was in Pasadena and that he had time before his flight left if I wanted to meet him. I said yes and he said he would drive over and we could get lunch. I was super excited and I was trying to figure out how to prepare for the meeting. I decided to gather up some photos of myself as a child and some pictures of my mom and dad. I also gathered up my diploma and my resume to show him. I wrote down a few questions to ask him too.

So he finally showed up and I got in his car and shook his hand. It was very interesting to see him. He is pretty old, he is 68 so that means he was 40 when he donated for me. I could see some resemblance too. So we got lunch and talked a little bit. It was amazing to see that most of our interests were perfectly aligned and we were very similar growing up. He is more quiet, meticulous and intellectual than I am, but it was just so amazing to see that I got most of my personality and interests from him. We didn't have much time, but it was very cool, and I learned that I have a half-brother who is 26 living in Pasadena. I haven't yet met him, but I will soon.