Another Match in Canada

Dear Wendy (and Ryan),

I am sure that you get these e-mails everyday -- 4800 and counting -- so add this to the pile! Thanks to you I have been corresponding with the mother of one of my daughter's half siblings. The simple idea that you had to provide a place for donors, donor siblings and their parents to get together has changed my life.

I began to consider donor insemination as my husband and I had a double case of unexplained infertility. I saw the 60 Minutes piece on the DSR and was intrigued. Ultimately, my husband and I split up but I decided to go ahead on my own. I knew in my heart that my husband was not a keeper and that being tied to him through a child would have been a difficult life for all of us.

I had my daughter in November! She is a perfect baby: she eats, sleeps and doesn't poop much! She is very amenable to most plans and loves a good party! She is such a joy and I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. I am grateful for every minute that I spend with her. I have been lucky to have wonderful, supportive friends, a strong, unbelievably helpful but initially skeptical mother and a great career but nothing tops my greatest accomplishment of bringing such a special girl into the world.

I joined the DSR when she was three months old and sent e-mail to the two donor sperm recipients on the registry. One has not kept up her membership but the other one with a three year old girl answered. I was stunned when she sent a photo of her daughter at 3 months and the babies were like twins. Everyone always told me how much my daughter looked like me and my family but now I see that her eyes and face shape is that of her half sister. The other mother agrees they look alike and she tells me that her daughter is very excited about her half sister.

We are both keen to meet but live at almost opposite ends of the country. Hopefully in a year or two, we will meet. My desire has always been for my daughter to grow up knowing that she has half sibling and it was a bonus that we connected with one of them so quickly. My parents are elderly and my brother shows no signs of procreating so it is a weight off me to know that if something happens to me, my daughter will still have her half sister.

Thanks for giving me hope when I needed it and the knowledge that I am not my daughter's only family.

Congratulations on being successful in your mission. I am eternally grateful for my wonderful blessing.