Another Oprah Connection!

After Oprah Winfrey's show in February of this year which highlighted the Donor Sibling Registry I got an email from a mom in another state. After just a couple of days from that first email we were chatting on the phone. She said "Your son has been asking for you since he was 4 years old." She warned me that her son would insist on calling me Dad, and asked if I was ready. I enthusiastically answered "Yes!"

By the next day I was talking with him. He asked if it was okay that he called me Dad and if I would call him son. I told him I thought that would be just fine, since it is the biological truth. We started talking on the phone every day; sometimes 2 or 3 times in a day. We were each so excited to get to know the other.

This past weekend I flew out to meet my son and his mom. I had dinner with them on Saturday night. We spent all day Sunday and Monday together: swimming, riding bikes, flying a kite in the park, jumping on his trampoline, and on and on like that. He is a terrific 9 year old kid! I had to leave Monday night to get back to work. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye that night. My first visit had been far too brief. But after several hugs we did say goodnight and consoled ourselves with our July trip to Disneyland.

I can't tell you how much it means to have connected with my son. Even though there were moments of awkwardness when I realized I did not know him it felt so right to be with him. I felt connected to him. When he looked at me with the expectation in his eyes reserved for a parent I was so moved, so emotional. I was back at work today and missed that little guy like crazy.

Thank you Wendy and thank you Oprah!