500 - Fairfax Cryobank Siblings

Thanks to Wendy, I now know that my (nearly) 3 year old daughter has a 1/2 sibling, living just 2 hours from us (she's nearly 2).

Her mom and I are both single parents, we've spoken and are now regular emailers. We've exchanged pictures and the girls share some similarities in both looks and smarts and personalities.

We're going to meet after Thanksgiving.


Update as of March 1/11

My daughter is now 8. We've gotten together with 3 siblings and regularly see 2. My daughter now has a weekly Skype call with her older sister in Phoenix and sees her younger sibling from Pennsylvania often.

Just back on the site after a long time off and am shocked/thrilled (?) to see that there are 17 off-spring from this donor. OMG.