Wendy and Ryan are my heros! (Oprah helped too!)

I joined DSR 4 years ago. Apparently at about the same time, our donor contacted the clinic he had donated to, was told how many registered offspring were the result of his donations- that's all they could tell him. He asked that a note be added to his chart indicating that he was open to any contact.

Fast forward 4 years and no sibling matches yet for my daughter. Oprah airs Friday, Wendy posts updated DSR membership and match numbers on Sunday so I check the DSR- still no matches for us. Sunday, donor's wife tells him about DSR (I'm assuming she saw Oprah or someone she knows saw Oprah). Monday I receive an email from Wendy congratulating me on my match that just came in. I rush to DSR - never dreaming that the match was a DONOR match AND a half sibling match (donor's daughter with his wife)!!! Within 2 hours of our donor joining DSR we connected via 'dsr-mail' and began exchanging questions and answers. Today (Tuesday) included another flurry of emails and the sharing of family photos and first names. . . our journey is just beginning and there's no telling what the future holds. For now, The donor and I both seem to be on the same page- wanting as much or as little involvement as is comfortable for the other family (and most especially for the children).

I can't thank Wendy and Ryan enough (and the tireless individuals keeping the website up-to-date). They continually put themselves out there and bring DSR and DI issues into the light. My heart is overflowing with joy. Life is good.