Oprah's My Hero, too!

I had my daughter 13 years ago, and she is the biggest blessing of my life! It's just the 2 of us, and our life together is filled with love, laughter, and a richness that I am grateful for every day. She has know about her origins from the beginning, and is fine with it; however, she always had hope that one day she could meet her donor father (I just had no idea how we could accomplish that, given the anonymity of the situation), and always, always wished for siblings.

Just 4 days ago, we watched Oprah's show on Donor Insemination children and learned about the DSR; we went online immediately and posted our information. Within a day (!), we learned that she has a sister; you can imagine the tears of joy and excitement that pervade our house these days! We are in contact with her sib's Mother, sharing stories and learning about our girls (they are so much alike in so many ways!). We are thrilled and grateful for DSR and Oprah...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!