A meeting of seven families

We just returned from a weekend gathering of donor siblings where nine of the twenty three kids we now know about (while we were meeting, two new families posted on the DSR!) attended along with 2 SMC's 5 lesbian couples four grandmothers and a grandad. The kids range in ages 8 mths. - 4 years. Like others, we formed a private site to share photos etc. and have been communicating for about two years. Over the course of the past year or so, several small groups of us have met but I must say that having such a large group was overwhelming in the best way possible.

I never could have imagined how amazing this would be. I was very hesitant to join the DSR at first for all the reasons I am sure everyone else has. However, meeting the others was not only comfortable but incredibly natural...like we had known each other for years. The kids warmed up to one another and the other adults immediately and the other parents seemed like old friends. Not to read too much into the genetics of it all, but there was something truly special about the way everyone interacted. I can't imagine what the future might hold but I am confident that meeting the other donor siblings and their families was the best thing we could have done for our kids. I am grateful we had the opportunity to begin building these relationships while all of them are still so young. Great memories are being created as is a healthy and dynamic sense of place for our kids.