we just keep growing!!

Just wanted to tell those who are undecided whether or not to pursue half-sibling postings/contact ... it is such an AMAZING journey!! My son now has 17 half-siblings! Not only are all our kids amazing, but the families are as well!!! It appears that the kids have similar characteristics is soooooo many ways! They look alike, have similar mannerisms and likes/dislikes! While there are differences, the similarities are just overwhelming!

In our situation, some families have more contact with our group than others. We have a private photo site and chat site and check out new postings before inviting anyone new onto our sites. We all respect other's wishes and realize the good of the group MUST come first if our relationship is to work! I can't say enough about all of the wonderful parents I've met in the journey to get to know my son's half-sibs...and we do consider them half-siblings! It gives my son a connection to know there are others in his situation, and it seems to give him more of a sense of self...and besides, he LOVES telling people he has such a large number of brothers/sisters !

This has absolutely been a wonderful experience for our family. In fact the only negative thing my son has ever said is 'I hope I don't have to buy ALL of them christmas presents!' :)

Thanks to Wendy and Ryan for leading us on our journey!!