My sisters mother in law saw an article about the registry and cut it out for me. It took me a while before I even looked. I was playing on the internet one night while my daughter slept and decided to read the posts and look at our banks listings again. There was our number with a girl listed that was only 8 months older than my daughter. I registered immediately.

Before long we had emailed each other. We both took Wendy's advise and took it nice and slow. We did a lot of emailing back and forth before we even talked about meeting. (We are lucky in that we live in the same City-only about 10-15 miles apart). Around February we met for a dinner and play time for the kids at a local sports/game complex. It was a great place for a first meeting. The girls played games, ice skated and climbed a climbing wall (They were 10). They were instant friends (or should I say sisters). The moms chatted and got more comfortable with one another. We have plans to do a baseball game together over the summer.

The first thing I noticed is that their hair color is exactly alike. There were other similarities as well. They are very much alike.

I am so glad that my only daughter will have a lifetime comrad in her half sister. I hope their friendship develops into a strong bond. Reading other stories I feel very blessed that we live so close.

As I look on the registry and read others stories and board messages I am also very happy with the clinic that my donor was from-CryoBiology in Ohio. All of the registrants know donor numbers and at least basic information. Because of this we have a lot of matches on the registry. I am amazed at the number of Doctors and Clinics that gave families and even donors zero information. I had requested a packet that was available when I was pregnant. It was missing a few pages and a first attempt to get the missing pages went nowhere. I called again this year and was extremely pleased with their response to me. They emailed me the entire packet which included the missing pages. I also asked if there were any other information they could release and if they had any information on the number of births. I was given the time period of his donations and the number of live births that had been reported to them (10 plus mine). With this information I hope that we will get more matches in the future. So if you have no info from the past-try to get it now. You may get something to help in your search. It never hurts to ask. If you have not reported your birth to the clinic that would be a good place to start. If you went through a doctor-Ask where they get their supply from.

Thank you Wendy and Ryan. You really are our heros!