My dream is happening

I was checking my email one night last week, after being away for a few days, and my daughter was almost asleep. I opened this one email, (I don't know why because I did not recall the sender) I read it, and had to get up and make sure I was awake (it was only 7:30pm) I walked around my house, touching my face, I went into see my daughter and layed next to her for a minute and was rubbing her little head, thinking to my self, I'm awake, she is I went back and re-read the email, and sure enough, it was real! That email has made me so excited and just thrilled. The email was from her father. Yes the man that has made my dream of having a child come true. He is a wonderful man and has asked that if I would like any information, regarding medical history, up bringing, or just about anything, (respecting each other privacy of course) he would be happy to communicate. I've learned even more about him than what was stated in his profile, and he has updated me on family history. I think that it is wonderful that he has done this. My goal is to find as many siblings as possible for my daughter, to make it easier for her to understand how she came into this world of mine. He has contacted two other families, so I'm hoping that someday we can be in touch, and eventually meet. Every email I get, I thank him, so I'm hoping it's not too much, but I just cant express the happiness that email has brought to my life.