A New Family is formed

My son and I always watch 60 Minutes and in February 2006 we were glued to the TV set when the story about the DSR aired. I immediately asked Gavin (age 10 at that time) if he wanted to try to find half siblings through the registry. Gavin is an only child and I a single mom. We have a very small family and he has always yearned for a big family. I registered the next day. A week later I received an email that brought tears to my eyes. The subject line said 'Gavin has a sister.' The email was from the mother of a 13 year-old girl from California. (We live in PA.) Sharing photos and stories and anecdotes about the kids was fun. I didn't think they looked too much alike but I could see some physical features that they shared. And there were certainly some personality traits that were remarkably similar.

A few months later I heard from the mother of another child conceived from the same donor. This time it was a boy who is 2 years younger than Gavin. Gavin was thrilled to have a little brother. Since they live in a neighboring state we did meet shortly thereafter and the boys acted like brothers from the start. Again, not too many physical similarities but they definitely felt the connection.

Months went by. It seemed like there wasn't as much to say after we shared initial information about the kids. Christmas photos were emailed, a few short notes were sent and life pretty much got back to normal.

Early in January 2007 I received an email from the donor himself. I felt like I had won the lottery!! He was willing to send photos of himself, his family of origin and his 2 children from his marriage. He encouraged questions and responded with answers. I never dreamed I would even have a name for him much less all this additional information. My son's family tree had just blossomed bigtime!

In March another email took me by surprise. Wendy emailed to ask if we wanted to be interviewed on Primetime. It would involve meeting the donor and the 2 half siblings in Los Angeles. We agreed immediately. It seemed like forever until we got confirmation from the producer at ABC and our travel arrangements were done. The trip to LA, meeting everyone and being filmed for a national TV show was incredible. Gavin said it was the best 2 days of his life. Everything went perfectly. The most amazing thing to me was the feeling that I had known these people forever. The first day was taping but we went to Disneyland the second day and really had a chance to bond. The kids acted like kids- chasing each other and tickling and teasing, but looking out for one another too. We have

decided to take vacations together and stay in touch with phone calls and emails. My son feels so much more complete now. And guess what- they all look more similar in person than in the pictures! And I know that none of this would have happened without the DSR. Thank you Wendy. You have helped to make a new family very happy.


We recently returned from our 3rd family vacation. We vacationed together for a week last summer here in PA and all met in Orlando Florida to do the Disney thing over New Years. This most recent vacation was especially significant because we went to the donor's hometown and met many members of his family. I never would have dreamed that any of this would be possible but the DSR helped make it happen. My son (an only child of a SMC) loves seeing his father and siblings and meeting all of his new relatives. We are getting to know one another more each time and we always have so much fun.

If you are waiting for a match, hang in there. It is well worth it!