Two Siblings so far

Since joining this site in November 2006, I have found two siblings. One was already registered and had posted before, the mother of my half-sister Brigitte. She is younger than me, 12. We have since shared a number of e-mails and have gotten to know each other more. It's amazing how much we discovered we have in common and look alike. Then earlier today (4/25/07) I came home from school and found an e-mail from the DSR stating that someone had posted. I have a half-brother, Tim, who is also 17, born within a week of each other, he said. I e-mailed him back and am hoping to hear more from him soon. I'm excited and hope to find more siblings/my biological father in the future. I hope to also meet them in person someday, but they both live across the country from me. I'm in New York, they're in California and New Mexico.