Delighted to Find Two Siblings

After registering way back in 2005, we were surprised to be connected to not one but two donor siblings from two families. One child is a boy and is just a year younger than our 3.5 year-old-son. We haven't met yet but the physical resemblance is startling.

The other child is a 13 year-old girl living in the mid-west.

It been wonderful to so far 'virtually' get to know them via email and we look forward to meeting each other soon. (I live in New York City, another family lives in Los Angeles and the other in Iowa.)

The one interesting aspect of 'meeting' each other has been to compare notes on the donor. We found discrepancies and are trying to get answers from the cryobank, which is stonewalling us.

Has anyone else had this issue arise?

Cheers, Tina