The More the Merrier

Twenty years ago when I became pregnant with my daughter as a single mom, I had no idea where that journey would take me. I had always assumed there would never be a chance of knowing who her father was.

My daughter has been the highlight of my life. Oftentimes I had been asked what I would say to her if the opportunity ever arose. I always knew what that would be. It was quite simple -- 'Thank You';. This past summer I got that chance.

After seeing a segment on The Today Show last spring I discussed posting a notice on the website with my daughter. Two weeks later we were contacted by a half-sister also conceived through artificial insemination. This caused much excitement in our house and lead to constant visits back to the DSR site. On one of those visits, I made the link to the cryobank which I dealt with. In about fifteen minutes times I had a full report on the donor, excluding his name. However, information contained in the report lead us to do an internet search and before we knew it, we had his name.

He is a wonderful person and has openly accepted my daughter into his family. Our first group had a chance to meet in August, 2006.

We all had a recent holiday surprise in December, 2006, when we found the kids had a brother, also conceived through artificial insemination. His mother had posted on the DSR as well.

This has been an exciting time for all. I believe all the Moms in our group will be eternally grateful for the wonderful kids their Dad helped produce.

We now have a further surprise which came in July of 2007. Another girl! We have no located four children conceived through the same donor. We recently had a get-together with two of the girls and the one brother. Unfortunately our newest find was not able to attend the gathering. We look forward to that perhaps next year.