Twin Sons From Different Mothers

In early Nov 06 my donor contacted me. I had been on the registry for just under 2 years. I have a wonderful 16 year old and the donor has 8 children of his own. After the first couple emails to see if there was a probable link (without DNA testing) he sent me pics of some of his children. When I opened the first one of his 15 yr old son I almost fell off my chair. His son looks IDENTICAL to my son. Down to the long curly hair!! When my son came home that evening I showed him the picture and asked him who the people were in the picture with him. His reply was he couldn't remember them but he thought he looked a "little chunky". My son even thought the pic was him. I sent it to my mother and sister and they could not believe how much they looked alike. My sister showed it to her kids and asked who it was and of course they said my son. Another amazing fact is they both have trouble pronouncing the R sound. And all these years I thought he was all me.

I sent the donor pictures of my son and when he saw them his reply was "holy s---, I don't think we need any DNA testing. Since that time we have communicated via email -- all the family is involved even the donor's sister. The kids email each other and just yesterday I called them and we spoke for over an hour. In April we plan a meeting and we're all looking very forward to it.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the great efforts of Wendy and Ryan and I want to thank them for allowing this improbability to occur.

Much luck to all that are searching and wish you success in your journeys.