Egg Donation Experience

I have completed a total of 6 egg donations. Let me tell you, there is nothing more life-changing than this experience. I started out researching egg donating: How does it work? What is it really? What does it entail? I decided in high school that having children myself wasn't something that I wanted to do in this life. I didn't know at the time that there were so many people out there who wanted to have children and couldn't for more reasons than one. 

Infertility. This word never really stuck to me until I started my journey of being an egg donor. I am blessed to be healthy, but deep down, I knew there was something more I could do. This is when I decided to look into egg donating. I have since then been matched twice on DSR. One of the recipients of my eggs is someone I have met and communicate almost daily with. It took communicating with one of my recipients to truly see the impact I have made in the life of this couple. I really started seeing the bigger picture. These eggs are the answers to many - many prayers of some people. "Positive pregnancy - give me a baby." 

I am very thankful that I have been able to play such an important role to the couples who received my eggs. I hope to hear from them if they decide to educate their children about how they were conceived. I am grateful that these recipients chose me to hold such an important role in their lives. It is so rewarding to me to know that I have helped so many people in the short time that I have been on this Earth.

My relationship with one of my recipients is very strong. We communicate daily. The relationship I have with this couple is a bond I never even thought I could have. It isn't the typical relationship you have with a friend - cousin - wife - husband. It is an unexplainable bond and relationship that only someone else who has donated or received eggs from a donor would understand. My appreciation and respect go out to my recipients. I welcome anyone to reach out with any questions, as I am sure there will be many.