Covid-19 US/Canadian border closure doesn't stop first meet!

My daughter, Karlees’, paternal grandfather Mike, called Wendy at the DSR in late 2019 to query about her opinions on 'donor etiquette'.  He had learned a few months prior, of a grandson match on Ancestry and the family was reaching out to Wendy as a leading expert in the field.  While talking with Wendy, he discovered he also had a granddaughter, registered on the Donor Sibling Registry.  Shortly after, Karlee was connected to her paternal grandfather, bio-father Scott and his wife, her younger siblings and aunt.   What a welcome she received, everyone was so excited about her - supportive, warm and kind.

Spring Break, March 2020. The big event, one that Karlee had been counting down the days for, and was over the moon about.  She was to fly to Georgia USA, from Vancouver, Canada to meet her biological father and wife, 2 young siblings and the rest of her paternal family for the first time.  The Covid 19 pandemic shut down the borders and cancelled travel, a week before her flight was to leave.

Bio father made a beautiful gesture, a new opportunity to meet for the first time. A package arrived, and in it was an Oculus Quest, Virtual Reality system; where they now play games and watch movies, chill and talk as a family.  Relationships are growing, bonds are forming, even despite the pandemic and failure to meet in person. All are looking forward, with strength and positivity, about the future and know they will ‘see' each other soon, one way or another. 

There is truth in the sayings, “Blood is thicker than water" and "When there is a will, there is a way"!