8 Months Later - Success!

I am a Fairfax Cryobank donor from the mid-1990s and I have been on the DSR and the DSR FB page for 8 months. I have had contact with one recipient mother at the onset with a great report being developed between us. I have learned a lot about the daughter we share from her. As of today, I was contacted by a son.

We had a really great FaceTime conversation and hit it off famously! He did not realize that I was looking for him as his email address had changed since he posted many, many years ago. Fortunately, the DSR was able to send him a USPS letter noting that a donor match has been found and to return to the DSR site. One never knows what plot twist they will wake up to and it can be a magical one to be sure. Many thanks to the exceptional work Wendy and cadre do with the DSR connecting those who still are missing a piece and long to connect with it.