The envelope please...

I was a donor for 16 years in northern CA, stopped in 1992. But in those days we didn't have donor numbers; in fact the doctor clinics who did AI seemed to have a hard time recruiting donors; there weren't a lot of us around. Anyway, no records were kept, and the drs REALLY didn't want donors showing any interest in their offspring: might lead to lawsuits. So I despaired of ever locating any of my spawn.

Then I heard about DSR. Looked it up, and signed up. I've been a member for maybe 3 years. But again, with no donor number, all I could do was post physical features and hope some reader might recognize some and write.

I did eventually hear from some DSR members. A gal, 22, student in NH, wrote b/c she felt she had a pronounced nose and raggedy teeth. I was so excited - she was the first response! We traded emails several times a day: 'You go to Wheaton college? My God, I LIVE in Wheaton MD!' Anyway - finally came to check our DNA. Sure enough, no match.

Then a young man wrote. His mother had been inseminated on my birthday in 1980. I was SURE there was a karmic connection. We traded a lot of emails and similarities. finally did the DNA - nope. Odds were less than 0.00%.

Then 2 months ago I got an email from a woman saying she'd just joined the registry and saw I'd been a donor where she'd been inseminated. We traded photos of me and her son, 21. Our noses looked similar; build was pretty close too. But he was not particularly interested in finding who his biodad was. So she sent his toothbrush to the DNA lab.

Got the word in the mail today: he's my boy!

I haven't heard from his mother yet; we'll get an orange Match stripe up there one of these days. But there is celebrating tonite - we finally have a match!

Thanx a heap and a bunch, Wendy - you are doing us all a terrific service.

~ Bruce ~