Finding My Sister (and 9 more!)

After finding out this summer that I was donor-conceived, I've been on a hunt to find biological siblings. Three months after registering, we were yet to hear results. 

Then we got an email about a new sibling match. A sister, a year older than me-- who had also just found out that she was donor conceived. 29 hours later, we were facetiming.

My sister and I look nearly identical. She's the first blonde I've ever had in my family. We both have a love of writing, something that I'd wondered where I'd gotten it from. Our personalities, likes, dislikes, and hobbies are extremely similar. It's amazing to click with someone that quickly. We haven't met yet, but are currently arranging a trip between our homes. We've been communicating nearly every day, and I am so excited to finally meet her within the next few months.

I'd never have imagined four months ago that I would have another sister (a biological sister!). I've found a part of myself now, a part that I didn't know if I'd ever be able to find. And that's crazy awesome. Thank you, Donor Sibling Registry.

Update: Two years later and I have found three more siblings on the website! We were all able to meet back in October and the similarities were insane. So grateful that we were able to find them.