I'm one of the OHSU 46!!!

I've been on DSR for a long time checking in now and again as I have had my own children and wondered again if I could find siblings or and more information. I sent some messages out to a number of possible sibs last year and had missed a few messages back, but when Stacy reached out and put my picture next to her confirmed donor father, it seemed more than likely. I was able to confirm just this week through 23andme that I am one of a growing number of siblings living in the Pacific Northwest. I can't ever seem to find the words to describe how profoundly affecting this is! I have had phone calls, texts, Facebook friending, but I'm very anxiously looking forward to meeting them all in what feels like a very long month and a half from now. The resemblances are remarkable and the threads of similarity (guitar playing, French speaking, chicken raising, big toes) continue to surprise me. Thank you DSR for facilitating these wonderful connections!