My First Donation Was A Beautiful Success!

My first donation went so smoothly! I received the wonderful news about 3 months prior to my egg retrieval. The couple that wished to have my eggs were of the same sex who wanted a semi opened arrangement (which I think is awesome and very exciting). The medication was slightly nerve racking to inject on my own but by the second day I felt like I was a pro at it. I didn’t get any horrible side affects other then feeling extremely bloated but hey it’s not that bad and it goes away! My nurses were very helpful prior to the retrieval. My Ilya sounds went well every time. July 27th finally came along which was the day of my retrieval, once arriving at the Del Mar location all the doctors were sweet, very informative, and made me feel extremely comfortable even though I was super nervous because I’ve never been under anesthesia but to be honest it literally felt like I took a one minute nap and then I was up! The doctor retrieved 27 of my eggs which is great! I did feel sore but nothing I couldn’t handle. My boyfriend drove me there and back and my mom took care of me after. I think about it now and I feel so blessed to be able to help another couple complete their family! I feel absolutely honored to be chosen as well. I would recommend this to anyone that’s willing to go through the cycle and procedure. I would most definitely do it again!