First Connections

Recently, I received an email from the California Cryobank (CCB) telling me there was a "nice young lady" wanting to make contact with me. I have been patiently waiting for this since 2009 and was hoping she would find me through DSR, but she found me through CCB.

This has been an amazing experience, both for her and for me. The resemblance is astounding and the connection very real. We have been emailing and texting for the past week and only today did we graduate to a telephone call. Next we will be face timing and hopefully in the near future, we will meet. It's a true blessing to be connected to Amy. She was born in March 1997 and will soon be 21. She's intelligent, beautiful, intuitive and humorous, but I'm biased!

I have posted some photos of her and a few of myself and they are available for all members to see.

I have learned there are a few more children out there and I look forward to them finding me and each other.