23 and Counting

Thank you Wendy and Ryan for this page. At least 10 years ago, we found a few sibling matches for our daughter. At that time, we got three of them together and they had fun. Now my daughter is 18; and we are aware of 22 half-siblings. We have a private Facebook page that most of the parents and some of the kids have opted into. We touch base, share photos, etc. Some of our kids are in touch, a few have actually grown up knowing each other (through school or religious groups), some of our kids are not very interested, but we are happy we have a way for them to connect if they should so choose. It is amazing how much they all look alike, and how successful they all are. Most of the kids are starting college now. It has been a great journey being in touch with the other parents, seeing photos, and generally feeling like we all have an extended family, even if we have never met. I hope one day all the half-siblings and families can have a "family reunion" one day and meet.