11 siblings met in Orlando!

My two sons were conceived using a donor, and thanks to this registry we have known about more siblings since the moment I joined the registry. We have had an email group going for years, and a few families have met when time and distance allowed. All that changed this month when, after months of planning, 5 families converged on one resort hotel in Orlando, Florida for the vacation of a lifetime! There were 11 children (5 boys and 6 girls) all between the ages of 7 and 12. Two families were lesbian couples, and three were heterosexual couples. Seeing these kids connect went beyond all my expectations. Although they were shy at first, it took no time at all for them to be wrestling each other in the pool. One amazing mom made matching t-shirts for everyone and we all went to Universal Studios together at an un-godly hour to beat the line-ups.

The kids didn't all look related, but a couple of them could have passed for twins. There really aren't words to describe what it feels like to watch your kids connect and form new relationships with their genetic family. It is a gift, for the kids and for those of us who love them. I hope we have many more "family reunions" in the years to come, and that the sibs who couldn't make this trip can make the next one!