Another perspective

I am the parent of a donor conceived child. We have met several half siblings and this has enhanced our lives tremendously. Our children are phenomenal human beings because they are loved and nurtured by the parents that raised them. Here in lies the problem. The donor has recently been discovered much to the dismay of serveral parents. The donor is less than a stellar member of his community. He is not someone to be proud of as family member, or friend, let alone our children's donor. I caution families to be prepared for anything if a donor is located as this individual may not be the person you have been imagining all these years. Instead focus on the joy he has brought to you and take pride in the child you have raised and children please be proud of who you are no matter whose DNA courses through your veins. As sperm does not make a father or an egg a mother. But the people who loved you and cared for you from the day you were born are the people who matter most in your life, and who made you the person you are today.