Life is Beautiful

As a donor in my 20s, the notion of eventually meeting my "offspring" was a mixture of scientific obligation and amusement. I was informed by the center that the children would not be able to contact me until they were 21. I was not much older then, so I naively thought, "Cool, they would be fun to hang out with."

The reality as a more mature father has been far more profound.

Four weeks ago, I was contacted by my first child (arranged by the center). Reading his eloquent words and seeing pictures of his life immediately solidified a paternal bond. I immediately felt a connection and a wave of love for him as my son. Our communications were quick, easy and warm. After only a few hours of chatting he informed me of a family that was looking to connect on I quickly got online and joined the organization and reached out to them. Within hours, I was connected to the mom of the 2nd and 3rd of my children.

WOW! Within 24 hours, my family of 1 daughter, turned into a family of 4. Since my wife had already been informed long before, I had to share the news with my 9 year old daughter. We were out hiking, just the 2 of us, and I began to explain the situation. Suffice it to say, I oversimplified the science, but shared the news she had brothers and a sister. Her face lit up like the sun and she stated, "I am not an only child." As brilliant as a child can be, her first question, "Will she teach me algebra?"

She has been thrilled to share the news with her friends (most disbelieving the tale), but also asking every day, "When can I meet them?"

Tonight (4 weeks after finding each other), we had both families get together for a barbecue. It was fantastic. Amazing children, Amazing mothers.

Life is beautiful!