The Family we never imagined our daughter could have!

Posted on May 16, 2016

In 2012 when my husband and I chose our donor, he had no confirmed pregnancies or births. The day of our IUI, California Cryobank changed his status to confirmed pregnancy, meaning someone else reported one prior to us. We always planned on trying to find our baby’s siblings and donor. So the day that our little girl was born (October 9 2012), I logged into California Cryobank’s sibling registry to record her birth and found a message from another mother who was pregnant with a little boy due four months later. From day one, we knew that our little girl had a little brother. It really spurred us forward to search for more.

I live in Longmont, CO and was overjoyed to find out about the Donor Sibling Registry. Not only was it created locally, but it was exactly what I was looking for. I booked a lifetime membership, knowing that searching for our daughter’s family is going to be a lifelong journey.

Etta is now 3 and we have discovered more family. On California Cryobank’s sibling registry we have discovered the existence of 13 kids! The first year we made contact with three other families and we had our first family reunion in 2014. Four families, five kids (all two years of age), and a wonderful time. Trying to arrange the setup was fairly simple. Two families were living in Texas and one was a SMC with twins. We decided to go to Texas. We chose Wolf Lodge Resort, as it allowed us to be with the kids in one location, entertainment and yet space to ourselves as we had only communicated via email. We decided that reunions would be an annual thing for us.

Three other families registered on the CCB registry, one made contact with us via Facebook (we have a sibling group), one made brief contact with me via another sibling board. I was excited, but the mother stated that she was just interested in knowing who was out there, but didn’t really want to make contact. I have not heard from her again. The last one, we have not been able to make contact with. This one is heartbreaking for me, as the birth location was listed as Colorado and chances are she lived very close to me, but they have now changed their location to Minnesota.

Early in 2015 we made contact with another family, who not only gave me more vials (our donor is no longer available), but brought her two children to our 2015 reunion in Chicago. One of our first families also had a new baby, so our reunion grew by three more kids in one year!

We made contact with two new families in 2016. And one was our first Donor Sibling Registry match! For me, that one match has made the registry worthwhile and better still is they have agreed to join us for our 2016 reunion (Nashville, TN).

I tell people about the DSR in hopes that the more people talk about it, the more it gets used. The more it gets used, the better chance we have to make contact with siblings and our donor. My husband and each only have a little family left. We love having our extended family, giving Etta more people to watch her grow up and know her. More people that she will be able to stay connected with throughout her life.