The Family we never imagined our daughter could have!

In 2012 when my husband and I chose our donor, he had no confirmed pregnancies or births. The day of our IUI, California Cryobank changed his status to confirmed pregnancy, meaning someone else reported one prior to us. We always planned on trying to find our baby’s siblings and donor. So the day that our little girl was born (October 9 2012), I logged into California Cryobank’s sibling registry to record her birth and found a message from another mother who was pregnant with a little boy due four months later. From day one, we knew that our little girl had a little brother. It really spurred us forward to search for more. 
I was overjoyed to find out about the Donor Sibling Registry. It was exactly what I was looking for. I booked a lifetime membership, knowing that searching for our daughter’s family is going to be a lifelong journey.