We met our donor

After 25 years of questions and wonder we finally met Scott, our donor.

I can't even express the appreciation and gratitude I have for him. The best I could say is awe inspiring. I was not only given a gift of a donor but also a full life with an amazing daughter. My daughter grew up an only child and always wanted a sibling. Now she has three. I have looked at my daughter, comparing traits that she got from me, I always wanted that comparison of what she acquired from from her biological father. The results are amazing. My world has come full circle.

We met with tears in our eyes. Happy tears that have been a long time coming. It was a very emotionally warm meeting. My daughter met her new grandmother as well. A remarkable woman.

We plan to keep in touch as they feel like family all ready. We live close to each other which also makes the process so much easier.

I admit I gave up on the site as did many others as I read through the success stories. We didn't think anything would come of our posting and got discouraged. Then the letter came in the mail to check the site. Before we had the chance we got an email from Scott. Our world spun for a few days but now it is so very special. I found out during our meeting that the cousin of our donor went to high school with me and was in my graduating class. This world isn't very big after all.