2016 Why Permanent Membership, siblings grew up 1 town apart

I am the Mother of a 24 yr. old son. I joined DSR for only 1 year in 2013 and checked it weekly for matches, but there were none. At the end of that year, I literally gave up. Two+ years passed and I received snail mail from DSR saying my e-mail was obsolete and that I might want to rejoin and update my profile. Turns out my son’s sibling had written to me 1 week after I quit checking DSR and my membership had expired; her message to me was not read for 2 years!!!!

Imagine how she felt thinking I might NEVER see the message. Thankfully, she was a PERMANENT member. I was able to make contact with her and my son and his half-sister had their first meeting just 4 days ago. Of course, I was concerned how it would go. It couldn’t have gone any better, his sibling is beautiful, smart, and kind.

Funny, but it seems the two of them share not only the same sense of humor but a similar body style and facial characteristics. It’s a dream come true. I’m optimistic for a long term connection between the two of them. (Upon meeting her, we found out my son and his sibling grew up 1 town apart. They actually both knew a guy that started at her high school and transferred to my son’s high school. Now I’m a PERMANENT member, just in case there are more siblings waiting to come forward.