A little older than your average donor conceived person

For a few years, I had been working on my family tree on Ancestry.com. Like most people, I had seen the ads on TV for Ancestry DNA, stating how you could find out your ethnic mix and find out more about your family tree. So just after Christmas 2014, I bought a test and sent it in.

Then I didn't go onto Ancestry for a while. I got caught up in other projects. Till one day in the spring of 2015, my cousin asked me if I could look something up on Ancestry for her. When I did, I noticed I had an email from someone I didn't know on the site. It was from a women in Texas. ( I live in Maryland) She said that she could see that we were closely related and would I like to try to figure out how? Well of course I was interested! Over the next several days we continued to e-mail back and forth. We talked about what our possible relationship could be and she told me that she knew that she was donor conceived. She told me that she was born in 1973.(just like me) Her parents had lived in Delaware at the time of her conception.( Not far from me) Her parents used Johns Hopkins to have the procedure.( A place I have been many times in my life) As I was reading the email about how she came to be, there was not a question in my mind that this person was my sister and that I was also donor conceived. About an hour later, I confided my thoughts to my husband who thought I must be crazy. In fact, he didn't even want to discuss it with me until after my mother confirmed the details the next day.

While my parents never told another living soul for the 42 years it was kept a secret, I have to tell you that this was not at all shocking to me. I always knew I was different than the rest of my family. When I was a child, I thought perhaps I was adopted. I just didn't have sperm donor in my wheel house to think that could be it. My parents are wonderful people, I could just tell that there was something different about my brother and I, as opposed to the rest of our family.

Then in September 2015, my sister and her husband, came to Maryland to meet me and my husband! We all spent the weekend together. Everything was wonderful and it was like we had known each other our whole lives.

I am so happy that I have discovered this part of my life. I see it as a bonus that most people don't get to experience. And I am so so happy to get to have a sister!