Meeting our Donor

13 years ago my wife and I registered both of our children (different donors and banks) on your site, signed up for a one year membership and forgot about it. 5 years ago we received a letter in the mail from DSR with a handwritten note saying "Someone is looking for you". Needless to say we registered again, but this time for the lifetime membership and went on your site to see a donor was connecting with us.

We had slow, tentative communication with my now almost 18 year old son's donor. We would email each other once or twice per year, and my son had no interest in connecting with this man. After a few years our donor asked if his mother could email us to thank us for sharing information with their family via email. We were happy to hear from her.

This summer we were in the south visiting colleges, and we met our donor in July. He has never been married or had kids, and does not know if there are any other offspring. Our visit went very well this summer, and we just returned last week from 5 days out west seeing him again, meeting his parents and staying with them. They are all coming out for my son's high school graduation party in June, what a gift!

Unfortunately both of my children have different donors. We have had no success finding my younger son's donor, but now know the possibility is out there!