Nothing but Positive!

With a little trepidation, we signed up with the DSR when our twin boys were five years old. We were so excited when we got our first email from the mom of a half-sibling. Her son was four, and they lived a few towns over. She had been in contact with many other families. Slowly we were introduced to our new extended family of half-siblings. Through the DSR connections, we know of 11 families with perhaps as many as 20 children.

The experience of connecting with and actually meeting these families has been nothing but positive! We meet annually with the 3 other SF Bay Area families. When other families are in town we meet up with them too. The eight local children have a certain connection that is really special. And we moms (all the families that we know of are either lesbian or single-mom families) really enjoy finding the similarities in both looks and personality amongst our children. We share our experiences in being parents of donor-conceived children, and provide each other with support in raising our amazing children. We all look forward to meeting our donor when the children turn 18, to thank him for helping us to create our families, and to help our children find their genetic roots. We appreciate Wendy and the DSR for helping us find each other. We are so happy to be part of our extended family.