Finding My Sister!

On new years eve a year and half ago, my wife and I watched a movie about two donor kinds trying to find there Dad, and the ensuing drama.

After watching the movie, I went on the internet to see what I could find. It didn't take long to find the DSR, which I had checked 6 years before after it had begun and was very unpopulated with information.

I called my mom, found out the correct sperm bank and doctor and then started looking through the list and bam! There it was, my sisters profile, no questions asked, I was sure right off the bat. Her profile described the exact same story and details my mom had been telling me about my donor my entire life, which is fairly specific. I immediately paid the fee to write her an e-mail and thought it could be a very long time before I ever heard from her. Boy was I wrong, she called me and hour later and it was nuts. I was sweating all over. I couldn't believe it was true. I never thought it would happen and it was. She came to visit my family and I a month or so later and we basically became instant family. I'm going to her wedding in a month, and she has met most of my and my wife's immediate family! How incredible. Thank you DSR!