Cat and Jason

I have been a member since 2007 and checked the site about 3-4 times/year to see if there were any matches, but never found any. On January 1st, 2014, my brother Jason watched the film "The Kids Are Alright" with his wife, and decided to check out the DSR, which his mom had told him about. He found my profile and was a little freaked out at the similarities between our donors. Then he emailed my me as well as my mom, who also had an account. She read the email first, and texted me about it. Then I read the email and called him. We proceeded to talk for about an hour, talking about how awesome/crazy/weird this whole thing was, and got to know each other. Jason's "life-dad" was infertile, so his mom did AI, and my mom is a single mother by choice. Jason was born July 15th 1985 and I was born February 6th, 1986. We were not genetically tested, but we look enough alike and Jason and I both have identical copies of a letter telling our parents that our donor had sickle cell trait. Jason and I have become very close over the past year and a half. He has a wife and a now 2 year old son (I'm an auntie!) and my fiance and I get along so well with the 3 of them. We grew up within an hour of each other and now live 5 hours apart. We also have a lot of similar personality traits and interests. My mom was told that there were a total of 4 women with children from our donor, so Jason and I ponder if the other two kids are hanging out like we are :) I feel so blessed that my family has grown!