My Son's Donor is Our Angel

My husband and I started our family later in life. I conceived and gave birth to our first child, our daughter, when I was 39 years old.

Nearly 2 years later, we started trying to have another child. After years of heartbreaking pregnancy losses and an unsuccessful IVF attempt with my then 42 year old eggs, we decided to find an egg donor. We selected a woman who would agree to have contact with us for the sake of a child should we have a successful donor egg IVF attempt.

Well, with the aid of our donor, we conceived on our first attempt and welcomed a happy, healthy, wonderful baby boy!!! True to her word, our son's donor became a life-long member of DSR! Our son's donor is genuinely one of the most kind, generous and lovely people in our world. While we have not personally met, DSR gives us a means to communicate.

At 4 years old, our son is thriving and is a joy to us, his parents and his 10 year old sister! Our family is complete, and I feel great in knowing that our Angel is only an email away. I hope that our son will want to meet her when he's older.

We have found age-appropriate ways to talk with him (and his sister) about his conception. While at this time we do not know the true name of our donor, she is Angel to us!

We are grateful to DSR for providing each of us a means to maintain our privacy, but still share what we hold most dear in life...