This is the post my daughter placed on Facebook soon after meeting her sister...

Hello, to all of my Facebook and real life friends who actually do read my statuses when I occasionally post them! To dissipate any confusion over the girl that looks like me in my recent pictures, I promise that I am not smiling lovingly into a mirror. I am not that vain, I promise.

The gorgeous soul next to me is my loving and adorable half-sister, Maya! She found me through some crazy coincidences and her unrelenting determination to discover herself and her world. I’m just so happy that she did so, because I wouldn't have gone through with what she did.

I’m very excited to welcome her into my life and the adventures I go on. She and I are a lot alike and I can already tell that we’re going to change the world! Or at least someone’s, because she’s already changed mine.

Thank you Maya for bringing me into your world and Lili for supporting and helping her. Also, thanks to my mom, Linda for supporting me and being wonderful I can’t wait for all of us to get together!

Hope this brings you hope and happiness. With love...