1st annual family reunion

Eight siblings and five mothers met for the first time on Dauphin Island, Alabama. We came together from all over the country - California, Texas, Georgia and Florida. We initially called it the stranger vacation, but now it's just the first annual reunion. It was successful beyond our wildest dreams. All eight kids got along famously and even the mothers bonded in a unique way. None of us imagined it would be so easy. We all had emergency exit plans in case of disaster. Two of the kids commented, "Do we have to stay the whole week?", and then after the first day told their mom "We're staying the whole week!".

We never could have done it without the Donor Sibling Registry and we are so grateful for this resource. We still wonder if there are more out there, and of course, would love someday to hear from the donor. We can't wait for next year!