All in Good Time.....After 10 years my daughter has a brother :)

10 years ago I watched Oprah and found out about this place. At that time my daughter was 8 years old and had always known how she was conceived as I have never kept it a secret. She always wanted a brother or sister but was my only child. We registered on DSR and my daughter Alyssa hoped that one day she would find a brother or sister on here. 10 years went by without any match....but last week all that changed when we got an email from here that there was a match. My daughter has a brother 2 years older than her, she had always wanted an older brother! My daughter's first reaction to hearing that she had a brother was with tears, this day had finally come. In truth, the realization that she has a brother also had me crying as well.

Since my daughter has found out that she has an older brother, they have messaged each other every day, spending many hours talking about anything and everything. They seem to have the same sense of humor and like some of the same things. We are also now on facebook, seeing each other's pictures where they realize they look somewhat a like. There is even talk about meeting soon.

It is an exciting time and we have been warmly welcomed into their family. I feel blessed to have my daughter and now to begin a journey where we welcome her brother into our family as well. I write this to those people who have not yet found a sibling, there is hope, it may take time but do not loose hope. I've heard my daughter a few times say how awesome her brother is and I'm really happy I made the decision 10 years ago to join DSR. As a mother, I want to do what is best for my daughter always and joining this site those many years ago was the right thing as I see a joy in my daughter's face knowing finally she has a brother.