Annual Family Reunion

Since I was a toddler my family had the tradition of spending at least 1 week every summer up at Bass Lake in the Sierra Mountains of California, near the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. I was continuing that tradition with my friends and family in my adulthood.

Thanks to Wendy and the DSR that tradition has grown to include 6 of my biological sons and 2 daughters, plus their parents and siblings. In 2008 one of my sons joined us. In 2009 it was four kids. Flash forward to this year and we had 26 people in a huge extended family reunion. 13 kids, 8 of them biologically mine plus cousins and nieces and nephews.

We had to rent 4 cabins this year to accommodate everyone. I must say when I am participating in the swimming, hiking, boating, horseback riding or s'mores making it all feels so organic and normal to be surrounded by so much energy and love. The siblings and their cousins have all bonded so naturally.

Now that I'm back at work and my "real life" it seems clear to me how amazing and unexpected this miracle truly is. Thanks to Wendy and Ryan and all of their work to connect us. We appreciate it so much. I can't adequately express how much you have enriched our lives. I am so grateful to be of part of all these families' lives and to make them a part of mine.