I'm very glad, to have a half sister now ...

Ten years ago I travelled from Germany to Denmark and an anonymous donor helped me to give birth to an enchanting and wonderful girl. She grew up without knowing anything about her biological father, besides his phenotype, age etc. And I tried to help her coping with this situation, from the day when my little girl first asked me in the age of two: "My Papa?"

Three weeks ago I found in the Donor Sibling Registry a list of donors and it was a total surprise to see that my donor had extended profile - we didn't know about this fact all the years, but now we were able to get this information promptly by Cryos.

My daughter was very, very glad about that information, I translated them and full of joy she took the detailed information and her genogram and his handwriting in her treasure chest and showed it to her loved teacher and all good friends. They all shared her joy - and so did I!

Encouraged by those findings she wanted me to ask the sperm bank whether they could transfer a letter from herself to her father, this writing included that she still has more questions and wanted to meet him, even anonymously. The sperm bank refused my child’s wish.

As a next step I offered my daughter the possibility to become a member of the Donor Sibling Registry and to search on this way for potential siblings and her father. (I first knew about the Donor Sibling Registry two years ago - but at this time I was not sure, if my child could cope with the outcome of our research and the English language was an additional barrier.) My daughter wanted of course to sign in and I prayed to her, that this is a try, that we have to wait and that it is likely, we never get a response of her father or of half-siblings.

But even a few hours after my daughter posted her letter in the message ("Dear Papa, dear sister or brother ...) she get to know by mail that she has a half-sister, who only is a view months younger than her. The child is so happy now, we have exchanged photos of the girls, they closely resemble each other.

Now letters are written and pictures are drawn and a visit by airplane (we live in different European countries) is scheduled and my girl is motivated to learn the language, her sister speaks. It is a challenge, we all have to meet now, especially for the children, but it's a good kind of challenge - our small family has grown over night and we’ve gained the acquaintance of a very likeable family.

The first picture my child drew for her new sister from the day she first learned about her existence, shows two little smiling girls in beautyful coloured dresses, standing in the middle of all our pets, holding each other by the hand ...

I have just translated this posting for my 9 years old daughter, and she added this by herself:

"I am very glad to have a half-sister now! And tell them, I have the wish for other children, they may find their father or siblings, too!"

Thank you so much!