The BEST news in the world: Donor found me here!

LUCKY LUCKY ME! He found me here a few weeks ago. I almost fell off the chair when I opened his email. My dreams had come true! I joined DSR 10 years ago (I was the first member), so my years of waiting were over. I whooped so loudly my husband thought I was injured, ha ha.

The donor and I have passed many long emails since then. I let Nate (DI son) know that his donor had contacted me; Nate immediately wanted to write to him. Not only that, Nate's DI half-sister (who he found here at DSR about 4 yrs. ago) also wanted to write to the donor, even though she had previously told me she never wanted to know who that person was. I understand that the three of them are also sharing many long e-mails. Next spring we will likely all meet each other (he's many states away).

For me, just to see pictures and know who this person is has given me a great sense of completion. I used to think that if I died and never knew who the donor was, it would be grossly unfair. I feel sooooo much better, I can't even explain it.

This donor is a WONDERFUL person! I believe I'd love to know him even if he wasn't our donor. If the donor was a jerk I'd still be happy just to get the mystery solved. But as I said...LUCKY LUCKY ME!

Thank you, Wendy and Ryan!