Found the answers I was looking for

My story is a bit different from most. I didn't come here with romantic visions of finding more family like many do. I had absolutely no interest in knowing about my child's siblings for personal reasons. I came here because my child had serious health problems and we needed to find his siblings.

The day I joined, I was contacted by both listings... one of whom I knew and we just never knew the boys were related!

I am glad that the DSR exists. It gave us the information we needed to help our son. It also gave one of the other families information about her son's health issues that might be helpful.

It is a happy ending in as many ways as it can be. We went searching for medical answers and found them. If it weren't for Wendy, we would not have known about the other children's health problems, and we would still be in the dark. At least with their medical records we had a direction to go in. And for that I am thankful.