It's so very touching


My daughter was born New Year's Eve, 2004 through donor insemination. Nuala is a wonderful, gorgeous girl.

Two years after her birth, I posted on the DSR. At first, there was little response. When Nuala was 4 1/2 I stepped up my notes to what seemed like two families with four half-sibs. Within a month, we were all e-mailing letters and photos. It has been very exciting. Nuala has seen the pictures too. Now we've learned there are a few more families and she has three or four more half-siblings..all fairly close in age. We are discussing at the monent, how to set up a private facebook account so we can be in touch with each other. We are also planning to get the children can see and talk to each other. Then, at 5 1/2 years of age, lamenting the fact that Nuala would likely never know her father, I started to mention..just a little bit..a few details about her bio-Dad. For example, I told her he had German and French in his background. Since Nuala was a World Cup nut, she started cheering for the French and German soccer teams. A day after the World Cup ended, she said quietly, "Mama, I want to meet my Dad. It's time." I had such a huge lump in my throat. What could I say to her? I had no idea who or where he was. Two months after that, I was shocked to my core. I received a message through the DSR FROM NAULA'S BIOLOGICAL FATHER - SEEKING US OUT!!!!! He had gone to see The Kids are Alright, that Hollywood movie, and he could not stop thinking about the lives he might've created. We have been in e-mail and photo contact and I asked him to write Nuala a aletter and send a she would get it in the mail.

He has agreed..he's agreed overall to have contact and to see his daughter at some point. We are so excited. I never, ever, ever thought this day would come.

Thank you DSR...I am truly, truly, beyond gratitude.